Worked as TANA Women Services Coordinator (2021-2023)


Dr.Uma.R.Katiki( Aramandla) is an entrepreneur, a resilient speaker, a brilliant academician, a caring wife, a loving mother for two brilliant kids, a humanitarian, and an advocate of women empowerment. She will be a leaning shoulder and listening ear for women in need.

She will work and dedicate her time to TANA's vision and core beliefs. She will bring to the table her vast experience in interacting with top leaders from India and the USA.

She has been a great strength and support to women who have been victims of domestic violence. She has counseled women in need of guidance to overcome harassment and domestic violence. She will be a mother, sister, and friend for women in need and bring her experience and contacts to help these women.

Educational Achievements

  • Clinical Trails Management Certification from University of Chicago
  • Bioinformatics Certification from Stanford University
  • Ph.D. from Andhra University
  • M.Phil., from Andhra University
  • M.Sc., from Andhra University


NTR's Birth Centenary Award


The Legend NTR's Birth Centenary Award

Naari Award


SUPER WOMEN OF THE DECADE 2010 - 2020 Award Winner

India World Record


'India World Record' holder for Amma Neeku Vandanam

ICan Award


'ICan' Award winner as the Best Community Promotor

Gallery: NTR Centenary Award - 2023

Videos/Galleries-Events done as Women Services Coordinator


TANA is Inviting volunteers to a family friendly event at Feed My Starving Children at Aurora, IL .


TANA is conducted Ophthalmology (Eye) screening in Merrillville, IN 46410.


TANA Conducted Food Drive Donation Event in Naperville, IL 60560


TANA Women's National Throwball Championship conducted in Charlotte, NC - 28273


Service Achievements

  • 2023 NTR's Birth Centenary Award
  • 2021-2023 TANA Women Services Coordinator
  • 2019-2021 TANA Midwest Women's Forum Chair
  • 2019 TANA Midwest DhimTana Coordinator
  • 2019 Joint Secretary, Federation of Indian Associations(FIA)
  • 2017-2019 TANA Women's Forum co-chair (National)
  • ICan Award 2017 winner as the Best Community Promotor
  • 2018 First Women President, Chicago based Association
  • 2017 Core Team, Women Empowerment Campaign (WEC)
  • 2016-2018 APNRTs Chicago Coordinator
  • 2016-2017 Vice President, Chicago based Association
  • 2016 Organizer, Women's Day in Chicago. Successfully organized the women’s Day celebrations in Chicago involving more than 300 women.
  • 2015 Board of Director TAGC. Elected as Board of Director for the Telugu Association of Greater Chicago.
  • 2015 One of the organizers of TAGC Women's Day
  • 2013-2015 Youth Committee Co-Chair in TAGC

I am honored and humbled to have received the "Super Woman Of The Decade 2010-2020 Award" on March 8th, 2021. The award was presented by Mr. Jaya Prakash Narayana, the Lok Satta Party President, and founder. Since the award ceremony was held in Hyderabad, India, I missed a great opportunity to interact with fellow incredible women who won the award for their contributions in various fields. Thank you, #Hi9, for this prestigious Naari Award.


My Visions for 2023-2025, along with fulfilling all my responsibilities as TANA Cultural Service Coordinator.

  • To enhance Cultural Identity, National Identity through performing Art Traditions of India in particular Telugu States.
  • Encourage and involve the next generations in TANA Cultural Activities.


Involved in TANA Roles

Highest Honor

MAY 7th 2020 She got recognized with the highest honor by being presented with the "Indian World Record" for collaborating with TANA as one of the organizers for Amma Neeku Vandanam on the occasion of International Mother's Day Celebrations.

2019 TANA Midwest Dhimtana Coordinator

Successfully organized in Grand scale TANA Midwest DhimTana Competitions. Midwest took home three first prizes, a second prize, and the prestigious Miss TANA 2019 title.

TANA Foundation Annadanams

Organised two Annadanams through TANA Foundation at Vijayawada during the Covid time May 2020 & September 2020

Amma Neeku Vandanam

May 16th and May 17th, 2020 Organized and managed a segment for TANA Mother's Day - Amma Neeku Vandanam.

World Environment Day

June 5th-June 8th, 2020 Core Organizer for World Environment Day, leading Hug my tree Initiative from June 5th-June 8th, 2020

TANA Patasala & Kalasala

Contact person for TANA in Chicago programs like Patasala & Kalasala

World Telugu Cultural Festival

July 24th to August 2nd 2020 - One of the core organizers for the World Telugu Cultural Festival. November 2020 - CORE TEAM MEMBER for program - Lucky Mahila.